Why choose Rajani MD Beauty and Wellness?
Dr. Rajani is active on a daily basis in the practice of skin rejuvenation. Providing a wide array of mostly minimally-invasive dermatological procedures he gets to see first hand what works and what does not. He also is able to observe how the skin responds to different formulations both as a stand alone anti-aging tool and in combination with other procedures.

What is separates Rajani MD from other beauty and wellness products?
The product is always delivered fresh and the concentrations of active ingredients are always at the levels studied to be effective. Many people for instance know they want a retinol cream and may purchase one but never know whether the concentration is high enough to be effective. With Rajani MD you can be assured of freshness and effectiveness.

Why is fresh skin care so important?
At Rajani MD we are concerned with one thing. Skincare that works for you. In order for that to happen the active ingredients must work and be of effective strength. Once skin cream is made it starts to deteriorate. If it is sitting on store shelves or in a factory for too long it will become inactive. Also during shipping and handling it may travel through different environments from cold to hot further deteriorating its effectiveness.