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50 is a golden age. This age does bring not only maturity but also some worries to look younger and youthful. People start taking care of their skin at the early age of 20 to look younger. Perusing a healthy diet, helpful exercise, and less smoking are other most common things that people achieve.

However, when talking about skin treatments, there are some treatments that you should be thinking about to make your skin look younger and youthful. While there are some treatments that you shouldn’t be thinking about to protect your skin from the harmful effects.

So, what to do at 50 to look younger? Here are some of the best tips to know how to look youthful? And explore what treatments suit your skin?

What are the treatments to avoid?
People often bear this misconception of getting the treatments like Chemical Peel, Microdermabrasion, and Botox, at the age of 50 to look youthful once again. While in reality, these three treatments are NOT going to make you look younger when you are already at fifty. These treatments should be considered taken at an early age, like in the 20s.

The reason for these treatments to be ineffective at the age of 50 is that. At this age, there is enough Collagen loss, Elastin loss, and enough Sag in the lower face. So, these kinds of treatments aren’t going to provide the result you would be needing.

Thus, when you are turning 50, you would be needing the treatments that are more lifting, volumizing the upper face, and lowering the volume in the lower face.

What treatments should you consider taking at 50?
Do you wish to keep healthy skin at 50? Consider following the three most holistic treatments. These provide the required results and help you achieve your goal of looking youthful.

Fillers and Bio Stimulators
These are the essential antiaging treatments that you, at the age of 50, should consider adding to your list of treatments.

You can consider using fillers like;
1. Hyaluronic Acid fillers
2. Calcium-based fillers (like Radiesse)

While consider adding bio stimulators like;
1. Sculptra (semi-permanent, and results last till 2.5 years)
2. PMMA or Bellafill (permanent)
3. (PRF) Platelet-Rich Fibrin (natural)

Thread Lift or PDO Threads
This treatment, along with micro-needling and V-FR, is necessary to get at the age of 50 because there is enough fat, bone loss, and hormonal changes in the skin that need a combination of treatment.

The benefit of the combination of these treatments is that you need fewer fillers and fewer bio stimulators.

RF Micro-Needling
It is a newer technology in which the electrical energy penetrates deeper into the skin. The radiofrequency heat affects the external or internal part of your skin. It thus helps in rebuilding collagen, elastin, reduce fats from the lower face, and keep the fat on the upper face.

This technology thus eliminates your need for fillers, bio-stimulators, and other treatments. The best thing about this micro-needling treatment is that we can adjust it according to our requirements. It helps us lose the fats from some areas of our face and retain them in some required areas.

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