Potent Ingredients

Dr. Rajani uses only the best ingredients out on the market today. The Rajani MD Skin Care line is always delivered fresh and the concentrations of active ingredients are always at the levels studied to be effective and give results the patient is looking for. In order for the active ingredients listed below to work to thier full potential and be of effective strength, they are formulated with the right consistancy and delivered to you fresh. Once skin cream is made it starts to deteriorate. If it is sitting on store shelves or in a factory for too long it will become inactive. Our product is made to order and is always guaranteed to be fresh.

We have taken the time to further educate you on some of the key potent ingredients included in our skin care line. 

Retinoic acid
Dozens of studies since the early 1990s show that retinoic acid skin treatments are effective in antiaging.They improve the skin’s appearance – and its ability to resist bruises and tears – by stimulating new collagen. Collagen is a key supporting substance, plentiful in young skin, that’s produced in the sub-surface layer of skin known as the dermis. Findings show that the breakdown of the dermis’ firm, youthful structure is a very important factor in skin aging . Recently cosmetic scientists have started developing less irritating forms of retinoic acid to achieve the anti aging effects of Tretinoin without the downside of potential skin redness and burning. These retinol and pro-retinol compounds allow retinoic acid to be delivered more slowly to the skin and thereby reduce irritation. Retinol itself is is a derivative of vitamin A and is converted to retinoic acid in the body. .Not all retinol products are created equally and it is difficult to find out the concentration of retinol in many skin care lines. Because the conversion rate in the body will be different from person to person the right concentrations are very important. Alpha lipoic acid is a potent antioxidant and anti inflammatory. Inflammation is known to contribute to skin damage and aging.(Uva and uvb exposure would be a good example of a process leading to skin inflammation) Studies have shown high potency lipoic acid reduces mild-to-moderate wrinkles by up to 50 percent, and fine lines reduce by even a greater percentage. 

Alpha Lipoic Acid 
This ingredient has also improved the appearance of certain types of scars and it plays a key role in the cells energy mechanism which is thought to lead to cell and skin repair.

As time goes on I am more and more impressed with the anti aging effects of this B vitaimin. It is extremely well tolerated and is non-comedogenic. In fact it has been shown to have anti bacterial activity and my acne patients do very very well on it. It brightens and tightens skin in the right concentrations. In studies it improved the appearance of wrinkling, yellowing and it increased elasticity of facial skin after 10 weeks of daily use. A 2008 Japanese study reported that a 4% niacin gel significantly improved wrinkling in the eye area after 8 weeks of use.

Hyaluronic acid 
This acid is an amazing molecule that draws in moisture, acts as an antioxidant and appears to build collagen. What more could one want in an anti aging vehicle. We use it in a cross linked form as a facial filler. I use it in most of my skin creams and in nature it is found in most of our bodies’ tissues. Many people take it orally for longevity. One must be careful in its concentration however as too much can be drying. In Rajani MD products we have fine tuned the concentration in combination with other molecules.

Glycolic acid
This compound is an AHA. Commonly used in chemical peels I have found that in lower concentrations in combinations with vitamin A derivatives it is gently exfoliating helping to brighten skin and moisturizing so as not to leave the skin dry and peeling. Synergistic combinations are the key to success with skin care and AHA’s definitely play a key role in rejeuvenating the dermal layers.

Known to reduce the signs of aging by increasing collagen production, thereby making the skin thicker and reducing the appearance of wrinkles. Many skin care products contain several different peptides, which is probably the best route to go if you want to add peptides to your skin care regimen. I use proprietary small chain peptides and more well known larger chain peptides. The easiest way I like to explain peptides are to picture small broken pieces of collagen. These are then perceived by the body as broken down collagen strands signaling the need for new collagen to be built. This leads to thicker tighter skin which gives a youthful appearance. More and more peptides will enter the market over time.